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Guernsey offers a warm and welcoming community where newcomers are quickly made to feel at home. Whatever your reason for moving to Guernsey, if you want to become involved in the local community there are many ways to do so.

Relocating to live in a new place can often be the catalyst to take up new hobbies or get involved in activities which might not previously have been possible. Whether you are interested in sport, music, craft activities or learning a new skill, the possibilities are endless in Guernsey to take part, to learn and to enjoy.

Guernsey has a very strong charitable sector which has grown significantly over the past decade, supported by the philanthropic aims of many who have chosen to make Guernsey their home. The charitable spirit of islanders is highlighted by the number of events organised and run by volunteers and all helps to make Guernsey such a great place to live and work.



Locate Guernsey is also very keen to ensure that newcomers feel welcome and are able to meet other like-minded people when they move to the island. We hold regular client events where we encourage newcomers to meet one another and these have led to some close friendships being formed.

The team are always willing to introduce new people to one another and to make suggestions to help people get involved in activities. Please feel free to ask for suggestions – we are here to help and want to ensure that you are able to make the most of all that life on Guernsey offers.


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