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  • Close to the UK

    With flight times from just 40 minutes and ferries from 3 hours, we're closer than you think.

  • Flexible, pragmatic financial regulator

    The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, while robust, has a reputation for its flexile, pragmatic and open-door approach.

  • Guernsey's GDP

    Guernsey's total GDP for 2021 is estimated at £3,446 million.

  • Renowned financial jurisdiction

    Guernsey won Citywealth’s Gold Award for International Finance Centre of the year at the International Finance Centre Award’s ceremony in London on 24 January 2023.

Guernsey has developed and continues to evolve as a thriving reputable international business centre through its willingness to explore and expand on ideas.

Getting Underway

Guernsey has a ‘can do’ attitude to business. The island’s entrepreneurial spirit, its skilled and committed workforce and its outward-looking approach have resulted in many centuries of commercial success.

Why Guernsey:

  • Low tax regime which is compliant with international standards

  • World class professional services with a global network

  • Proportionate and responsive regulation which is internationally recognised

  • An agile pro-business government

  • Frequent connections to London hubs

Why Guernsey: 

  • Part of the sterling zone

  • Mature legal system

  • Trusted location for securing storage and processing of data

  • Guernsey is a member of the OECD 'whitelist' of offshore jurisdictions.

Why Guernsey:

  • Accessible government advice and services

  • Resilient and highly secure data connectivity within the global network of subsea fibre cables, with 6 fibre cables connecting Guernsey to the UK, France and onwards to the rest of the world

  • World class professional services, including a 24/7 company registry
  • Skilled workforce across a diversified economy

Why Guernsey: 

  • Cutting edge Intellectual Property legislation

  • The Guernsey Digital Greenhouse provides a tailored innovative centre dedicated to the latest opportunities within the creative, digital and other sectors

  • A thriving and dynamic entrepreneurial tech community, which holds regular events and co-working sessions

  • Active initiatives from Government and the business community focused on the development of Fintech

  • Guernsey’s Aircraft registry, 2-REG, delivers high quality service and a customer-oriented registry in a tax friendly environment

  • Well-regulated securities exchange

Why Guernsey: 

  • Beautiful environment in which to live and work

  • High standards of health and education provision

  • A range of excellent quality restaurants and hotels

  • An island steeped in rich heritage

  • A strong sense of community with a charitable spirit

  • Breathtaking beaches, stunning cliff coastline and idyllic countryside

Guernsey provides the ideal business environment. Please get in touch with the Locate Guernsey team to find out more.

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