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  • Independent island

    As a British Crown Dependency, Guernsey has its own legislature, the States of Guernsey, which determines local laws, including taxation.

  • Centre of excellence

    Guernsey is a centre of excellence for the provision and servicing of retirement benefits and savings plans for international businesses and their employees, as well as globally-mobile individuals.

  • Independent system of taxation

    Guernsey does not levy capital gains tax, inheritance or wealth tax. Income tax is charged at the flat rate of 20%. 

  • OECD Endorsement

    Guernsey is a member of the OECD 'whitelist' of offshore jurisdictions.

As an independent, self-governing jurisdiction, Guernsey has developed its own very straightforward system of taxation and caps the amount of income tax payable by residents.

Our personal and corporate tax rates are competitive with a flat income tax rate and generous allowances. Tax caps are available and are based on an individual's category of Guernsey Tax Residency which reflect the number of days an individual spends in the island. Professional tax advice from a Guernsey adviser is highly recommended - Locate Guernsey can provide a list of qualified practitioners who have experience in this field if required. 

Our open and transparent tax system is compliant with international standards and the island has a host of double tax treaties and information exchange agreements in place.

If you have any questions regarding tax or social security contributions, or would like recommendations of on-island tax advisers, please get in touch with the team.

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