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  • Community

    Guernsey has a friendly and welcoming community of just over 63,000 people. 

  • Close to the UK

    With flight times from just 40 minutes and ferries from 3 hours, we're closer than you think.

  • Parishes

    The island of Guernsey is comprised of 10 parishes, each with its own unique character and charm.

  • 27 Named Beaches

    From pebbly coves to sheltered sandy bays, with our crystal clear turquoise waters there's a huge variety of ways to enjoy ours waters.

With our Anglo-French history and unique geographical position, Guernsey's culture is blend of the UK with a more relaxed European feel.

Relocating to Guernsey

Whilst Guernsey has many of the things you would recognise and associate with the UK such as its language, a sterling economy, driving on the left, recognisable businesses and brands, Guernsey has a distinct twist. We have many unique and independent businesses, Guernsey-French road names and an island life culture that is more open and friendly then you may have experienced within UK towns and cities.