New arrivals to the island are charmed by how welcoming and friendly the people of Guernsey are. We are proud of our island and want newcomers to feel at home.

Island Life

Whether you are relocating for work or simply to enjoy a better quality of life, Guernsey offers a safe and inclusive place to live. Whatever your interests, with a thriving sports and social scene, newcomers are quickly integrated into the community and opportunities abound to get involved in new hobbies. 

Our shorter commutes give people more time to enjoy a better work/life balance. Opportunities to make the most of our beautiful scenic surroundings are appreciated by everyone and open up more possibilities to spend quality time with family, to make new friends and embrace the opportunities to take advantage of everything that island life offers.

Guernsey has a big heart and a history of warmly welcoming people who bring their skills, talent and enthusiasm to our community.