ICT, Digital & FinTech

Through its Economic Development Framework, the States of Guernsey supports and develops ICT and Digital as an emerging sector. The strategy to achieve this is based on developing a good quality infrastructure, improving digital skills and by encouraging and facilitating the Digital sector.

Guernsey can offer a wide range of benefits to ICT, Digital and FinTech businesses:

  • Respected, independent and business-friendly legal and tax regimes

  • Resilient fibre connectivity to the UK and France, and onwards to the rest of the world – 6 cables from Guernsey

  • World class data centres, business facilities and IT service providers

  • High standards of regulation for data protection, (including EU adequacy status) which is also flexible to FinTech opportunities

  • Vibrant digital and creative sectors with active business representative groups

  • Thriving financial services industry with requirements for data management systems – showing source of demand

  • Government commitment to grow this sector

  • Strong business links with the City of London

  • Intellectual property legislation for the Bailiwick, which is both modern and dynamic

Intellectual Property Office

  • The Guernsey Digital Greenhouse innovation centre project to bring together digital and creative entrepreneurs in a shared space, along with business support, coding academy and a community digital skills drop-in service

The Digital Greenhouse Guernsey


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