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Working in Guernsey

Guernsey has a history of warmly welcoming people who bring their skills, talent and enthusiasm to use for the benefit of its community. 

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, situated 30 miles from the Normandy coast of France and 70 miles from the south coast of England. Whilst geographically closer to France, Guernsey is English speaking, in the same time zone as the UK and just 40 minutes flying time from London Gatwick. 

Guernsey offers a family-orientated, friendly, safe and secure community with high standards of healthcare and education. Warmer temperatures than the UK mainland mean islanders enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle, making the most of the island’s amazing beaches, cliff walking and island-hopping experiences. A key advantage of island life is a typical commute of 20 minutes, offering a fantastic work/life balance. You can be at home with your family or out in the fresh air just moments after leaving the office. 

Why Guernsey

The island’s two-tier property market offers straightforward residency options. For those looking to relocate to Guernsey for work, Employment Permits are available for certain specialised roles, providing residency in Guernsey’s Local Market. For HNW individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners, Guernsey’s Open Market offers a flexible and convenient route to residency. 

HNW, Entrepreneur and Business Relocation

Relocating to Guernsey for Work

Guernsey's Employment Permit system makes relocation to the island for those undertaking skilled and specialist roles very straightforward.

Employment Permits allow the holder to live in Guernsey’s Local Market. They are granted to those undertaking specific full-time roles with skillsets recognised as being in short supply locally. Currently, there are three types of Employment Permit available:

  • Short-Term Employment Permit (STEP) - issued for up to one year, renewable until the holder has three consecutive years’ residence in Guernsey. They must then take a recognised break in residence* before they can hold another STEP. STEP holders must be accommodated by a householder. 

  • Seasonal Employment Permit (SEP) - issued for nine months, followed by a three-month break in residence. This pattern of residence can be maintained without any time limit. SEP holders must be accommodated by a householder. 

  • Long-Term Employment Permit (LTEP) - issued for up to eight years. An LTEP holder can be a householder in the Local Market, and bring their immediate family to the island with them. It is the only Employment Permit that can lead to permanent residency (dependent on time spent on the island and immigration clearance).

*A recognised break in residence is defined as equal to or greater than a person’s last period of residence. (i.e. up to a maximum of 3 years)

Guernsey’s Employment Permit policy notes the types of job roles that are usually awarded Employment Permits, the length of the Permit, and skillset required. 

Employment Permit Policy 

Employment Permits can only be applied for by a Guernsey employer, rather than the employee, so it’s important to find a position in Guernsey that offers an Employment Permit with the role.

To view available jobs in Guernsey, please visit the following web pages:

Guernsey’s Job Centre 

States of Guernsey Vacancies

There are also several recruitment agencies advertising local vacancies:

OSA Recruitment

Situations Recruitment 

Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants

1st Recruitment

Alexander Daniels

Source Recruitment    

Itchyfeet Recruitment Agency   

Firstcall Recruitment  


Rock Talent - Hospitality Recruitment

As discussed above, it is at the discretion of a Guernsey employer as to whether they apply for an Employment Permit for you, so it is important to make this clear to any prospective employer at time of application.

If you are a UK or Irish national that is relocating to Guernsey for work without an Employment Permit, you will need to live in the Open Market.

Guernsey’s Open Market 

Those who do not hold a UK passport or have Right of Abode in the UK will also require a visa to live and work in Guernsey. Those that fall into this category can apply for a visa on approval of their Employment Permit. Please note that you must have applied and be granted your work-related visa, prior to relocation to the island.

Further information regarding Employment Permits and visa rules, can be found on the Population Management Website:

Employment Permit Process

Locate Guernsey is a government funded agency, established to promote the island of Guernsey as a destination for business and personal relocation. The team provides free and impartial guidance at any stage of the relocation process. 

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