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Guernsey's Entrepreneur Visa

Guernsey's Entrepreneur Visa is available to those looking to relocate to the island and establish a business.

The Entrepreneur Visa is a form of immigration clearance and is therefore only necessary for individuals that do not hold a UK or Irish passport or do not have the right to remain in the UK. 

Entrepreneur Visa 

This allows those looking to secure residency by taking on an active role in running a business in Guernsey to move to the island.

Applicants must have at least £200k in their name which can either be invested in the creation of a new business on the island or in an existing Guernsey business. In both instances the applicant must also show that they will have at least a controlling or equal interest of the business and demonstrate the ‘economic’ win that the business will yield for Guernsey. The rules for creating a business or buying into a business are slightly different; Locate Guernsey can outline more.

The visa is granted of the basis that the visa holder would work full-time for their business. The individual would also need to show a good command of spoken English, or be a national of a majority English-speaking country.

Successful applicants would be able to buy or rent a home in Guernsey’s Open Market and accommodate their dependant children and spouse/partner. 

The entry clearance must be applied for through the British Consular representative in the person’s country of residence. This is usually initially done through an online process via the UK Home Office website. The visa holder and family must have their visa approved and granted prior to their relocation to the island. 

Discussions with the Locate Guernsey Team are recommended, who will be able to provide advice and contacts on island to aid the start of this process.


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