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Settling In Series - Guernsey for business

As you fly into Guernsey it may seem obvious why some decide to move their family to the island.

The abundance of green space, long stretches of sandy beaches and a sweeping coastline offer an idyllic environment to call home. But, whilst the outdoorsy lifestyle and quality of life are important factors for those considering a relocation, those with businesses also want complete certainty that they can run these effectively from the island.

Guernsey has a ‘can do’ attitude to business. The island’s entrepreneurial spirit, its skilled and committed workforce and outward-looking approach have resulted in many centuries of commercial success. In this article, Lily Prus, Relationship Manager at Locate Guernsey, shares five reasons why Guernsey is the ideal destination for business.

  1. Well connected

Fast and reliable internet connectivity across the island means that business owners have peace of mind that they can continue to run their business from the island or work remotely from a home office. With frequent flight connections to many UK hubs, business trips are also very easy, making it possible to spend the day in the city and still be home in time for dinner with the family.

  1. High quality service offering

Guernsey boasts a wide range of world class professional services, working across its financial, professional and legal sectors, which means accessing the appropriate services to establish and grow a business from the island is incredibly straightforward.

  1. A supportive environment

Guernsey is politically and economically stable and sets its own laws and rates of tax. Guernsey’s government is committed to ensuring that new sectors and businesses flourish on the island and, with the help of Locate Guernsey, it is fast and simple to meet with politicians or key civil servants to discuss new initiatives and proposals. For those businesses requiring regulation, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, while robust, has a reputation for its flexile, pragmatic and open-door approach.

  1. Access to talent

The island has a highly skilled workforce and a progressive Employment Permit Policy for those needing to recruit staff from off-island into specialist roles. A range of on-island networking groups and a supportive business community also means that it’s easy to build a new on-island network, connecting with likeminded individuals and collaborating on projects.

  1. An enviable work/life balance

With a typical commute of 15 minutes, spending a day in the office doesn’t need to impact family time. Islanders work hard but live life to the full, enjoying all that the island offers. From a morning run on the cliffs, a lunchtime sea swim, or a dinner at one of the island’s many restaurants, quality time doesn’t need to be a rare treat. The island also offers a high standard of education, excellent healthcare, clean fresh air, and low levels of crime.

Could Guernsey be an ideal destination for your business? We help new residents and businesses hit the ground running and establish their networks when they arrive in Guernsey. If you would like to understand how Guernsey could work for a personal and/or business relocation, please get in touch with the Locate Guernsey team.

This article was first published in Aurigny's En Voyage magazine - Issue 34

If you are considering relocating to the island, the team at Locate Guernsey are on hand to provide confidential guidance throughout your relocation journey free of charge. If you would like to understand how Guernsey could work for you, please get in touch on 01481 220011 or email