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Locate Guernsey’s Relocation checklist

For decades new residents have been relocating to Guernsey for a variety of reasons.  Some desire a warmer climate or a home by the sea in a British environment; whereas others are drawn to the safety and stability that the island offers. But whatever the initial motivation, they understand very quickly that in Guernsey they can enjoy a better quality of life in a beautiful location.

Here at Locate Guernsey, we have the great honour of promoting this special island as a destination of choice for both business and personal relocation. On hand to provide support throughout the relocation journey, we have put together this list of key considerations for those planning a move to the island.

1. Get the timing right – Deciding your relocation date is an important consideration. Those with children will often wish to relocate during the school holidays ahead of the new school year, whereas others will time their move based on tax planning. Fixing a date early on can greatly help with your preparations.

2. Understand your options – Guernsey’s two-tier property market makes relocation to the island very straightforward, but it is important to understand whether you can reside in Local or Open Market property. The Locate Guernsey team can explain the options available to you based on your circumstances.

3. Make the right move for your family – Education is often one of the first questions our team are asked by those relocating with children. Fortunately, Guernsey is incredibly well serviced, with a fantastic state school offering, and three excellent private schools. School visits can be arranged to ensure you find the right fit for your family.

4. Figure out the finances – As a self-governing jurisdiction, Guernsey has its own rate of taxation. With a flat rate of 20% income tax, no IHT, CGT or wealth tax – relocating to Guernsey can be a move that also benefits your finances. Before you relocate, it is very important to obtain tax advice from a Guernsey based adviser to ensure you plan your move optimally.

5. Fill in the paperwork – Registering as a new resident in Guernsey is very straightforward in most cases but it is important to ensure you take the requisite steps such as registering with Tax, Social Security and Population Management. Locate Guernsey frequently offers guidance on these and other matters and can provide a handy checklist.

6. Find your feet –Once you have arrived, it is important to take time to settle in and establish your network. Embracing a new hobby or joining a social group can be a quick and easy way to get to know the island and make new friends. For entrepreneurs and business owners, joining a local business group such as the Chamber of Commerce or IoD can help you make valuable professional contacts.

This article was first published in Aurigny's En Voyage magazine - Issue 27

If you are considering relocating to the island, the team at Locate Guernsey are on hand to provide confidential guidance throughout your relocation journey free of charge. If you would like to understand how Guernsey could work for you, please get in touch on 01481 220011 or email