Guernsey has two property markets: the Open Market and the Local Market.

In simple terms, for people wishing to live in Guernsey who do not have an existing right to live in a Local Market property, the Open Market is often the ‘route in’ to establishing residency. People who are coming to Guernsey to work in full time employment and where their employer has an employment permit for their post, can live in either Guernsey’s Local or Open Market.

Becoming an Open Market resident
Anyone who holds a British or Irish passport or who has the right to remain in the UK is able to become resident in Guernsey simply by purchasing or renting an Open Market (Part A – single family) home.

Residents of these properties are able to work in the island as much or as little as they wish.

They can also accommodate their immediate and extended family, who can also work if they wish to. It’s as simple as that; there are no wealth tests or governmental assessments to meet.

Once an Open Market address is identified it’s a case of making a straight forward application for an Open Market Resident Certificate via the Population Management Office.

Moving from outside the UK’s Common Travel Area (CTA)

A person who is not a British citizen, Irish passport holder, or does not have the right to remain in the UK, and who is moving for reasons other than to take up full time employment in Guernsey, will need to apply for immigration clearance to live in Guernsey’s Open Market.

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Becoming a Local Market resident

Generally, those living in Guernsey’s Local Market will be ‘local’ and have familial connections with the island, or will be working in Guernsey as the holder of a conditional and typically time-limited Employment Permit. Employment Permits can be applied for by Guernsey employers via the Population Management Office. Employment Permits are provided for posts where there are skills and/or labour shortages on-island. These full-time posts are identified here.

Employment Permit holders can usually live in either Local or Open Market accommodation.

However, Employment Permit holders who are not British citizens or Irish passport holders, nor have the right to remain in the UK or settled status through an EU Settlement Scheme, will also need to apply for immigration clearance and a work permit in addition to their Employment Permit.  Please contact us  for further details about Guernsey’s Work Permit Policy which is available here.

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Residency FAQs

Is there a minimum income limit?
There is no minimum income requirement to reside in Guernsey.

Can I bring my family?
Subject to Immigration clearance, the householder of an Open Market Part A home is able to accommodate both their immediate and extended family. A Local Market householder is able to accommodate their immediate family only. A useful illustration of immediate and extended family is available here.

If you are moving to Guernsey having qualified for immigration clearance (as explained above), you are able to apply for your spouse or partner, and children under the age of 18, to live in Guernsey with you under your immigration clearance. Please however note that should you wish for any other members of your family to move to the Island to live with you, unless they are British Citizens or Irish passport holders, they will require immigration clearance in their own right to live in Guernsey.

What is the Open Market?
The Open Market represents 1,600 properties on the island which are recorded in the Open Market Register. The Open Market is divided into four categories.

Open Market Part A – A Private Family Home
Open Market Part B – Hotels
Open Market Part C – Nursing Residential Homes
Open Market Part D – Houses in Multiple Occupation

What is an Employment Permit?
An Employment Permit confirms the holder’s ability to live and work lawfully in Guernsey. Guernsey employers make applications for Employment Permits via the Population Management Office. Eligible posts are detailed in the Employment Permit Policy.

There are three types of Employment Permits; Short, Medium and Long. Holders of Medium or Long Term Employment Permits can be a householder in any dwelling and accommodate their immediate family.

A Medium Term Employment Permit is limited to a maximum of five years. A Long Term Employment Permit which expires after eight consecutive years is the only Employment Permit that can provide the holder with an expectation of remaining in Local Market accommodation thereafter.

Living as a tenant in an Open Market Part D property enables a person to undertake any employment without the need for an Employment Permit. Residence in Guernsey in such circumstances is limited to five consecutive years.

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