Guernsey has two property markets: the Open Market and the Local Market.

In simple terms, for people wishing to live in Guernsey who do not have an existing right to live in a Local Market property, the Open Market is often the ‘route in’ to establishing residency. People who are coming to Guernsey to work in full time employment and where their employer has an employment permit for their post, can live in either Guernsey’s Local or Open Market.

The Open Market route is very straightforward and available to anyone who holds an EU passport.

The Open Market is also available to non-EU passport holders, but the Guernsey Border Agency will also be involved in assessing the application from an immigration perspective. The Locate Guernsey Team is able to advise on the differences between the two Market types and which option might be most suitable.

Housing Licenses - Locate Guernsey

The States of Guernsey’s Population Management Office grants employment permits which enable employers to recruit staff who are not resident in Guernsey. These enable staff whose skills are in short supply in Guernsey, or are otherwise deemed essential, to buy or rent local market accommodation. Key posts have been identified by the States of Guernsey working closely with industry stakeholders to create a list of ‘in policy’ posts.

Housing Licenses - Locate Guernsey