Guernsey’s economy has been underpinned by a culture of innovation for centuries, and today is no different. There are a number of innovative sectors developing in Guernsey that offer new and exciting opportunities for any business, regardless of sector. The States of Guernsey is committed to ensuring that new sectors and businesses flourish and this page features a number of innovative projects which are at the leading edge of Guernsey’s evolving economy.

ICT, Digital & FinTech

Through its Economic Development Framework, the States of Guernsey supports and develops ICT and Digital as an emerging sector. The strategy to achieve this is based on developing a good quality infrastructure, improving digital skills and by encouraging and facilitating the Digital sector.

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Guernsey can offer a wide range of benefits to ICT, Digital and FinTech businesses:

  • Respected, independent and business-friendly legal and tax regimes
  • Resilient fibre connectivity to the UK and France, and onwards to the rest of the world – 6 cables from Guernsey
  • World class data centres, business facilities and IT service providers
  • High standards of regulation for data protection (including EU adequacy status) which is also flexible to FinTech opportunities
  • Vibrant digital and creative sectors with active business representative groups – Chamber of Commerce ICT Sub-Committee, Creative Industries Guernsey and States of Guernsey IT committed groups
  • Thriving financial services industry with requirements for data management systems – showing source of demand
  • Government commitment to grow this sector
  • Strong business links with the City of London, and membership of the UK’s Innovate Finance, through Guernsey Finance
  • Intellectual property legislation for the Bailiwick, which is both modern and dynamic. Click here to visit the Guernsey Registry’s Intellectual Property Office.
  • The Guernsey Digital Greenhouse innovation centre project to bring together digital and creative entrepreneurs in a shared space, along with business support, coding academy and a community digital skills drop-in service

Please get in contact to find out more about setting up a business in or moving businesses in these sectors to Guernsey. Regulatory questions should be directed to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, however, Locate Guernsey is happy to be the sole point contact for your query.


e-Gaming has been a major success story for Guernsey over recent years as, alongside the world-leading regulatory regime in the neighbouring Island of Alderney, internet gambling and gaming businesses often choose to locate their servers or indeed their offices in Guernsey. This provides an excellent package of benefits covering regulatory, technical and fiscal areas.


All e-Gaming businesses in Guernsey are regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) which is seen as synonymous with world-leading regulatory and supervisory standards. The AGCC is internationally recognised by governments and regulatory authorities alike.


On-island there is an exceptional choice of state-of-the-art AGCC-regulated data centres whose operators are familiar with the needs of e-Gaming businesses. Off-island, the bandwidth out of Alderney and Guernsey is of a phenomenal scale, with Alderney transmitting more internet e-Gambling traffic than any other location on the globe.


There are a number of taxes and charges that are not present such as VAT, Gaming duties and corporation tax, making the Island an excellent location for B2B or B2C gaming companies.

Alderney e-Gambling is the organisation dedicated to promoting the sector across the world and is the first port of call for anyone investigating licensing options. The Alderney e-Gambling team work closely with on-island professional services partners in a number of key fields, such as data hosting, telecommunications, legal, fiduciary and consulting.

Built on Innovation - Locate Guernsey

Digital Greenhouse – innovation centre

The States of Guernsey funded the Digital Greenhouse, which opened in 2016. This project provides an innovative facility (underpinned by the latest technology) to encourage and nurture economic development and diversification with a special focus on the digital and creative sectors. The facility promotes the creation and development of businesses in the Island, and at the same time stimulates the growth of skills and knowledge.

The Digital Greenhouse underpins Guernsey’s commitment to developing the digital and creative sectors, including a number of innovative areas.

The facility provides a dynamic and exciting space for:

  • Co-working
  • Digital and Creative Training Academy
  • Start up advice
  • Advisory in regard to an accelerator and incubator programme

There is also an exciting and comprehensive events programme. To learn more please visit the Digital Greenhouse website.

The Digital Greenhouse also provides a home for Startup Hub who provide free advice to entrepreneurs taking steps to go into business for themselves.