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17th November 2017

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Author: Melissa Campbell, Director - Situations Recruitment Agency Ltd

Being an offshore centre, Guernsey is both an international player and an entrepreneurial hub and therefore offers a wide of variety options for potential employees.

Because of the international scope of the Island, our finance sector is a major employer with fantastic career opportunities in Banking, Accountancy, Trust, Funds, Investment Management, Insurance, Compliance, Legal, etc.

The local commercial sector also offers some exciting roles, from Creative Design, Digital Marketing, Business Analysis, Web Design, Product Development and IT Programming to Retail, Hospitality, Telecoms, e-Gaming and Procurement, to name just a few.

Our education system is high quality with excellent post-16 options, so students can come out of full time education with a variety of useful qualifications and skills to bring to the workplace.

We are fortunate enough to have almost full employment in Guernsey, so there really is a job for everyone.  Because of the size of our small Island, employers are generally excellent at reviewing transferable skills.  They also focus heavily on staff training, both in-house and professional studies, with a great choice of vocational qualifications being available.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re looking for staff, here at Situations we constantly have a huge range of candidates available at every level from entry right up to MD, ready to undertake your roles and help your business grow.

Candidates often have experience in other jurisdictions worldwide, so they can bring truly international experience to your organisation.

Of course, it’s not all about work!  We really can leave the office at 5 and be on the beach by 5.10 pm.  Our beautiful Island and the others surrounding it offer a fantastic work life balance and a much less stressful environment than the big cities.

At Situations Recruitment we have literally hundreds of vacancies available at any one time, both permanent and contract.  Make the move and see everything that Guernsey has to offer.

Melissa Campbell, Director
Situations Recruitment Agency Ltd

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