Unrestricted Travel to the Islands of Guernsey

9th February 2022

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From next Thursday (17th February 2022) getting to the Islands of Guernsey has just got a lot easier!

All borders restrictions are being dropped from that date, along with the requirement to complete a Travel Tracker for those travelling in to Guernsey.

The emergency powers issued to the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA), who have led the Bailiwick of Guernsey throughout this pandemic, will end on 17th February 2022. There will also be no further legal obligation to self-isolate if you have COVID-19, while urging the community to continue to act responsibly.

The CCA decided that it was no longer proportionate or necessary to continue utilising emergency regulations to manage the implications of COVID-19, largely because of the high vaccine uptake amongst the community resulting in very few hospitalisations due to the virus. Furthermore, there is now strong evidence, following the recent Omicron wave, that critical services across the Bailiwick can be maintained, despite having to work through challenges.

In addition to the removal of legally mandated self-isolation and border restrictions, the way the Bailiwick will manage the continued impact of COVID-19 from 17th February 2022 includes (these measures will be kept under review):

Public Health

  • Strong request for people to stay at home if unwell, which needs to become the cultural norm as part of living responsibly with COVID-19.
  • Free packs of LFTs will continue to be available for anyone who wants to use them, with positive results able to be reported through the current online platform or by calling the COVID helpline on 220001/2. Confirmatory PCR tests will continue to be available. We continue to encourage people to test if they have symptoms or before attending large events or visiting vulnerable people.
  • All positive cases will be requested to stay at home for 10 days with early release if they are asymptomatic and LFT negative from day 5 and again 24 hours later. This is voluntary – we are asking the community to work together to keep everyone safe.
  • No routine Public Health-led contact tracing; positive cases asked to notify contacts with seven days of LFTs advised for contacts.
  • A continued awareness of the importance of good ventilation and fresh air in reducing the spread of the virus.
  • Continued community engagement with good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene and respecting people’s personal space;
  • Daily publishing of COVID-19 case numbers on gov.gg to move to weekly.

Travel Tracker

  • Arrivals into the Bailiwick no longer required to complete Travel Tracker.
  • The Travel Tracker will remain active for islanders to be able to access their vaccination status when traveling outside the Bailiwick.

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