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UK General Election 2017 result – Guernsey offers stability in uncertain times

9th June 2017

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Author: Locate Guernsey

With the UK General Election resulting in no political party achieving an overall majority in the House of Commons (and therefore a ‘hung parliament’), it’s underlined the comparison to Guernsey’s non-party system of Government. The coming days and weeks will provide more clarity about the future of how the UK is governed. In the meantime Guernsey continues to offer stability during turbulent times.

Reacting to the news, Guernsey’s Chief Minister, the President of the Policy & Resources Committee, Deputy Gavin St Pier said:

“As you would expect and as we have done over many years, Guernsey stands ready to work with whatever UK Government emerges.”

“As a year ago immediately after the EU referendum, Guernsey stands out as a jurisdiction of economic and political calm in a world of uncertainty.”

Guernsey has, for centuries, dictated its own constitutional and legislative affairs free of party politics. Guernsey holds its own general elections every four years, however, its policies and offering are dictated by an overarching plan which was agreed by the island’s politicians, business community and general public.

Andrew Carey, Head of Locate Guernsey, said:

“Guernsey has always historically punched above its weight. This is evidenced by its status as an specialist finance centre of excellence. This reputation was built on the ability to offer businesses a safe political environment, competitive tax rates, a skilled workforce and pragmatic regulation.

The stability offered by Guernsey has never been more attractive as political uncertainty continues to spread across the world. Businesses or individuals who might be seeking out certainty and wish to plan for the long term should consider Guernsey as a great place to work and live. Locate Guernsey is keen to help with the move.”

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