Travelling to Guernsey from 16th August

4th August 2021

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Guernsey’s government announced some further updates in relation to travel and COVID-19 at the beginning of the week.

From Monday 16th August any fully vaccinated adult who has had their vaccination administered in the Common Travel Area (UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey), European Union or European Free Trade Association (“EFTA” – Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) will be classified as ‘Category 2’ when they travel to Guernsey after being anywhere outside of the Common Travel Area. Category 2 rules will only apply if no time has not been spent in a country on the UK’s ‘red list’ in the 14 days before arriving in Guernsey. In this instance, category 4 rules would need to be followed.

The following rules apply for those classified as a Category 2:

  • PCR test taken on arrival in Guernsey;
  • Isolate until a negative result is received;
  • Leave self-isolation if result is negative and have a second PCR test on Day 7;
  • Comply with ‘passive follow-up’ rules until 14 days after arriving in Guernsey. You can read more about this by clicking the ‘passive follow up’ drop down on this page.

Category 4 rules can be found here.

Blue channel travellers will remain as they are, as detailed below.

What is a ‘blue channel’ traveller?

This is defined as an individual who has received both doses of their vaccination within the Common Travel Area (CTA), 14 days will have passed since their second dose and they have only travelled within the CTA in the 14 days prior to their arrival to Guernsey. These travellers are not required to self-isolate, and the only testing involved (apart from Jersey arrivals*) will be the LFT pack given upon arrival once purchased.

LFT (Lateral Flow Testing) packs are due to come into effect for all adult blue channel travellers at the end of this week, chargeable at £25 per person via Travel Tracker.

The Travel Tracker is a system that must be used by all incoming travellers to Guernsey. An account can be set up here and a ‘trip’ needs to be completed for each inbound journey.

*If you have been to Jersey at any time within the 14 days prior to arrival in the Bailiwick, or are arriving from Jersey you will currently require a negative PCR or LFT test within the 48-hour period before travel. Read more here.

This is great news for many as more vaccination statuses will be recognised allowing for less self-isolation requirements and more travel opportunities for those either making the move or considering a personal, professional or business relocation to Guernsey.

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