Travel Insurance: Key considerations

16th August 2021

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Are you planning that long overdue family holiday or an exciting trip to make up for lost time? As the world picks up its post-pandemic travel planning, it is important to ensure that you are fully equipped with the latest advice.

For Guernsey residents, there are a range of essentials to consider when looking to travel abroad, including a key element – travel insurance – which should be one of the first things on your travel checklist.

While travel insurance may be included as part of your home insurance policy or provided via your bank, it’s important to check the fine print to ensure that adequate cover is in place.

Key things to consider:

  • Covid-19 cover: It’s vital to check what cover is provided under your travel insurance arrangement. New and frequently changing restrictions have made travel challenging and Covid-19 cover protects you in some situations where your travel plans have been affected by pandemic-related incidents.
  • Cancellation limits: Travelling off the islands can amount to a significant amount of money for families. Ensure the cancellation cover provided comfortably covers the total cost of your trip.
  • Travelling with high-value items and gadgets: High-value items (such as jewellery or camera equipment) will often not be covered under a standard travel insurance policy. We recommend you check if these items are covered under your home insurance, or if your existing travel cover needs to be extended.
  • Staying with family members: A lot of travel insurance policies have a built-in requirement for two nights pre-booked accommodation. If you plan on staying with family members during your travels, it’s important to check the details of your travel policy. Many insurers will refuse to pay for a claim if the policy requirements (such as a minimum two nights pre-booked accommodation) were not met.
  • Repatriation: Check your travel insurance policy for the details about Repatriation. If your policy is not Channel Islands specific, the repatriation cost will most likely cover the UK only. Ensure that the repatriation in your policy covers the Channel Islands.

There is a wide range of travel cover offered and this can significantly differ between providers. While many standard policies may meet the needs of many customers it is important to check the specific cover levels.

Whatever plans you are making, we recommend using an experienced insurance broker that has access to comprehensive insurance and can advise on the appropriate policies to best protect islanders.

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