This week’s travel update (July 2021)

30th July 2021

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For adult ‘blue channel’ travellers*, a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) pack will need to be purchased for each inbound journey to Guernsey.

Each pack will come with 5 lateral flow tests, it will cost £25 per person and is expected to come into effect for journeys from Tuesday 3rd August onwards.

All travellers to Guernsey are already required to set up a Travel Tracker account and complete a journey in time for their arrival. LFT packs will also need to be purchased using the Travel Tracker.

Travellers will be asked to use the first test in the pack once they reach their accommodation, and then one test should be taken every other day. They won’t need to restrict their activities or self-isolate during this time, but will need to take immediate action should they test positive. More information is available here.

It is important to note that sourcing a pack from elsewhere will not be an acceptable alternative, and purchasing an LFT pack for each inbound journey will be a condition of travel for all adult blue channel travellers.

LFT packs will not be required for children/young people under the age of 18.

Anyone who is not fully vaccinated within the CTA or has been outside of the CTA in the 14 days prior to their arrival to Guernsey will still need to refer to the category of the country/region that applies to their travel history, and follow the relevant self-isolation/testing rules as detailed here.

*What is a ‘blue channel’ traveller?

This is defined as an individual who has received both doses of their vaccination within the Common Travel Area (CTA), 14 days will have passed since their second dose and they have only travelled within the CTA in the 14 days prior to their arrival to Guernsey. These travellers are not required to self-isolate, and the only testing involved (apart from Jersey arrivals – see below) will be the LFT pack given upon arrival once purchased.

If you have been to Jersey at any time within the 14 days prior to arrival in the Bailiwick, or are arriving from Jersey you will require a negative PCR test within the 48-hour period before travel, but this is being kept under review with an update expected during the week commencing 2nd August.


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