Summer wildlife spotting

28th July 2022

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Author: Locate Guernsey

Given Guernsey’s size, we are incredibly fortunate to support a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Our temperate climate and geographical location between the UK and France make us a prime location for migrating species.

If you are considering relocation to the island Guernsey has a variety of local social clubs; all offering a variety of activities to get involved in during the year, perfect for getting to know the island and the people in it.

If you are interested in the local environment, there are many groups you can join and make new friends. For the full list please visit here.

Here are the Locate Guernsey team’s top 4 wildlife creatures to spot:

1. Dolphin

There has been an increase in dolphin sightings around our shores over the past few years and every sighting is just as magical as the last. These curious creatures like to swim in the wake of passing vessels and during the Summer the chances of catching a glimpse on the ferries across to our neighbouring islands or even from the South coast cliffs are high!

On the final day of racing for the Spirit Yachts Regatta, the crews were lucky enough to be joined by the local pod who were swimming alongside their yachts on the way back into St Peter Port harbour!

2. Puffin

Puffins are rare in Southern England, but they can be found in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. This makes the Bailiwick one of the most southerly breeding colonies in Europe and they return to their colonies from late March to early April where they breed until late July.

3. Grey Seal

When you’re out for a dip or a paddle on your board, you may spot the inquisitive face of a grey seal bobbing in the waves. Our local seal colony reside mostly on the rocky islets off Herm, called the Humps but regularly swim across the Little Russel to explore Guernsey’s East Coast for food.

4. Owls

Due to our geographical location, Guernsey is a popular rest stop en route to many birds’ final migration location, but we also have year-round inhabitants. Barn owls and Long-eared owls can be spotted at dusk and dawn in open farmland and rough grassland, but if you want to spot one of these majestic birds be prepared for lots of patience!

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