Incredible outdoor pursuits available to all Guernsey residents

4th January 2018

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Author: Ant Ford-Parker, Founder - Outdoor Guernsey

Ant Ford-Parker, Founder of Outdoor Guernsey tells us about his personal favourite outdoor pursuits in Guernsey and how it is easy to find time for them everyday.

For its size the Bailiwick of Guernsey punches above it’s weight for the sheer variety and beauty of its coastal play areas.

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From Sark’s vast caverns and caves to Herm Island’s Mediterranean-esque archipelago and sparkling Shell Beach. The wilderness of Guernsey’s South Coast cliffs contrasted by the endless sandy beaches of the West Coast. Add in huge tides that change the coastline constantly.

Wildlife including dolphins, seals, puffins, and crystal clear water. These are dream conditions for anyone interested in kayaking, coasteering, paddle boarding, climbing, hiking, windsurfing, surfing, bird watching or fishing.

This variety in environment and conditions cannot fail to lead to mini adventures on a daily basis.  I love it.

As an outdoor professional it is the sheer variety of landscape and conditions in the Bailiwick that still keep me interested and excited in my Outdoor Guernsey life.  What to choose?

Kayaking to beautiful Herm spotting dolphins, seals, puffins and other wildlife whilst challenging the tides and currents.  Maybe a day exploring Sarks vast caves and caverns which always make me think of a massive Swiss Cheese full of incredible marine life.

Coasteering the wild South coast of Guernsey  with friends is always guaranteed fun jumping off cliffs, swimming in the surf and a full on adventure.

Paddle Boarding at Cobo, Guernsey

After work I often wind down by picking up my SUP and heading across to Lihou Island or to one of the stunning West Coast beaches.

The clarity of the water and the views from the board never fail to make me catch my breath, maybe a bit of surf too. If I want to stay dry I can easily lose a day scrambling or climbing along the coast.

I also love taking the dogs and exploring the bunkers and rich heritage sites that the Islands seem to have an endless supply of!  There is always a cafe or pub close by too handy to review the day with good or new friends.  Never a dull day.

Outdoor Guernsey runs numerous outdoor adventure trips. If you like the sounds of what you have read please get in contact with Ant at

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