National Stress Awareness Day

4th November 2020

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National Stress Awareness Day: 5 tips for home working

Although there is no strict requirement to work from home here in Guernsey unless you are self-isolating or symptomatic, we know that businesses and individuals across the world are adapting to the ‘new normal’ of remote working. For some, it has been fairly easy to adjust, while many others are finding it challenging and stressful.

As today is #StressAwarenessDay, we’ve put together 5 top tips for keeping your stress levels under control when it comes to working at home:

1) Schedule ‘offline time’ during your day

It is very easy to get lost in the digital world when you are working from home as you might find that without stopping off for a morning coffee, meeting friends for lunch and having your usual to/from work commute you’re glued to your keyboard. Pop your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode, shut down your laptop and get some fresh air during breaks. Go for a quick walk or get stuck into something that doesn’t involve a screen. Regular ‘off screen’ breaks are important to incorporate into your day and that doesn’t mean that you need to scroll through your phone or watch TV when you have a few minutes to spare. Your mind will thank you for a break from all things digital!

2) Think about your background noise

We know that there is some noise that can’t be controlled – cars driving by, rain hitting the windows or neighbours going about their day. But, you can decide whether you have something playing in the background. While it’s important to stay as informed as possible, you might find yourself becoming subconsciously stressed if you’ve got the news running in the background all day long. Have a look at the ‘mood boosting’ playlists on Spotify or invest in an Audiobook to keep you going.

3) Set alarms to get up and about

Setting alarms on your phone to get up and move is much more important than you might think. If you’re feeling stuck on a project then having a few minutes to stretch your legs and reset your body could be just what you need. Spending a whole day sitting down without moving is not ideal for anyone’s stress levels so make sure you’re up and about every 30 – 60 minutes, even if it’s just for a moment or two.

4) Reach out to family, friends and colleagues

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by work, take some time out to talk things through with a loved one. The proverbial saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ isn’t one to be ignored especially as we try to stay as connected as possible when we can’t always be surrounded by our colleagues, family and friends. Getting things off your chest can be especially beneficial if you can find solutions to stresses and worries by calling up a colleague.

5) Know when to call it a day

It seems all too easy to roll out of bed and get straight into work or to continue until the late hours of the night as everything you need is right in front of you. But, it’s not healthy or productive to blur your boundaries. A healthy work life balance is important no matter where you are. Why not go for a walk when you would normally finish work so that you can ‘check out’ and know that when you return, you are officially logged out for the day?

Destressing the ‘Guernsey way’

For those who are fortunate enough to live in Guernsey, the shorter commute times, the great outdoors and the pace of island life have proven to be beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing. As said by Guernsey’s former Chief Minister during our Virtual Showcase ‘anyone can have the big city career without having to live in the big city.’

If you are interested in finding out more about relocating to Guernsey then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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