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Relationship Manager, Lily Prus' 2023 in Review

As we head into 2024, Locate Guernsey’s Relationship Manager, Lily Prus, reflects on another busy year for Guernsey and the Locate Guernsey Team. 

“I think it’s fair to say that 2023 was a busy year for the island. Whilst everyone will have their own particular highlights, for me it has to be the Island Games and the Renoir exhibition. 

The Island Games took place in July and saw 2,000 athletes and officials travel to Guernsey to compete in a week of sporting events. It was a week that showed Guernsey’s ability to host such a large-scale event, evidenced Guernsey’s warm and hospitable community, and lastly allowed us to show off some of our beautiful scenery to those visiting. It truly was a week to remember. 

Later in the year, Guernsey enjoyed a Renoir exhibition that was organised by Art for Guernsey. The exhibition, which was the only Renoir exhibition in 2023, celebrated Renoir's stay in Guernsey in 1883, and the career-changing inspiration that he found on the island. More than 11,000 people went to visit the exhibition to appreciate Renoir’s work and marvel at the beautiful Guernsey landscapes he created whilst staying on the island.

2023 was also an incredibly busy year for the Locate Guernsey team, with a consistent flow of enquiries throughout the year from all over the world. 

We see continued interest in Guernsey as a destination for both business and individual relocations and this is evidenced by the many enquiries we have received throughout the year from those considering a move to the island. 

In April 2023, Guernsey published its Population and Immigration Review which saw alignment of Guernsey’s Population and Immigration laws for those relocating to Guernsey for employment. This has made it much easier for employers to recruit from around the world, to ensure they have the suitable skills for their businesses. This has led to an increase in those considering a relocation to the island for employment purposes and as such we have seen an increase in visitors to our website, search results for Guernsey, and requests for information.

Locate Guernsey held several settling-in events in Guernsey throughout the year for recent relocators to the island; to help them establish their personal and professional networks and ultimately feel settled in their new island home.  

Locate Guernsey’s support for those relocating to the island can be at any stage of the relocation journey, and this includes helping those that have arrived settle into island life.

During 2023, we arranged several settling-in events for this reason. These have, and continue to be, incredibly popular and very well attended. Seeing people exchange phone numbers/ arrange to meet for dinner (or a sea swim!!) is very special. It’s also wonderful to be able to catch up with our relocators to see how they are settling into the island and make sure they are happy in their new home. We are always so grateful to the local businesses that sponsor these events so they are at no cost to Locate Guernsey.

The Team also continued the important role of promoting Guernsey as a destination of relocation, to prospective relocators and their advisers. In October we hosted the inaugural Relocate to Guernsey Show in London. The aim of the event was to help attendees discover why they should, and how they can, move to Guernsey.  

This was our first year of the Show but we are incredibly proud of the result. The Show was a tradeshow-style event where local businesses could exhibit, and we had a separate room for talks and presentations throughout the day. The event was a great success – with 17 local businesses exhibiting. The exhibition area allowed attendees to meet with those businesses that would usually be involved in the relocation process in one room. Meanwhile, the talks offered the opportunity to learn more about the island and relocation process and hear first-hand insights from those who have relocated. Planning is already underway for the 2024 Show which will take place on Thursday 8th October in St Pauls, London.

Click here to find out more about 2024's Relocate to Guernsey Show

During the year we also attended several networking events in the UK.

Attending networking events in the UK is a fantastic way of promoting Guernsey as a destination of relocation and also Locate Guernsey’s services. These events are predominantly attended by private wealth advisers and other intermediaries that are dealing with HNW individuals and businesses that therefore might be considering a relocation, so it’s important to make sure that these individuals are aware of what Guernsey can offer. In particular, those looking to leave the UK for tax reasons might be given various options of destinations to move to. We want to make sure that Guernsey is not only on this list of destinations, but their advisers of aware of our straightforward relocation process as well as Locate Guernsey’s free and confidential guidance.

In 2023, Locate Guernsey also attended We Are Guernsey’s Funds Forum. Funds Forum is an excellent opportunity for Locate Guernsey to promote its services to the Funds industry. Many of the individuals in attendance will likely have business dealings with the island, but may not be aware of the opportunities for relocation. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to meet and speak with these individuals.

In November 2023, Jo Stoddart, Locate Guernsey’s Director, also travelled to Hong Kong with the We Are Guernsey team to attend the STEP conference. You can read more about Jo’s trip here

As we move into the New Year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those we worked with in 2023, including those who moved to the island during the year and the many businesses that have supported us."

If you are considering relocating to the island, the team at Locate Guernsey are on hand to provide confidential guidance throughout your relocation journey free of charge. If you would like to understand how Guernsey could work for you, please get in touch on 01481 220011 or email