Locate Guernsey secures 21 relocations in 2016

24th January 2017

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Author: Richard Le Tocq, Head of Locate Guernsey

The team at Locate Guernsey is happy to announce that it achieved good results in 2016, facilitating 21 relocations and creating 36 local jobs generating nearly £700,000 (£672,266) in income tax and document duty.

Richard Le Tocq, Head of Locate Guernsey, said: “While we will never be complacent, it is rewarding that we have made significant progress with limited resources. We have been very pleased with the level of support that has been demonstrated by the Guernsey community.”

“The biggest challenge is getting Guernsey on the radar and helping people to understand how straightforward it is to relocate here. We’ve had some very encouraging feedback from those who have made the move to the island.”

“Typically and understandably, there can be a long lead time from initial inquiry to eventual relocation. A number of our leads from last year are part of our ongoing work in progress and will come to fruition further down the line.”

Mr Le Tocq said that the figure of £672,266 financial benefit to the island excluded wider economic value to Guernsey businesses such as contributions to the construction, legal and financial sectors.

“The ripple effect of the relocations in 2016 extends much wider than the obvious benefits and will continue to do so as new ventures become established and mature,” he said.

Locate Guernsey 2016 Results:

Locate Guernsey secures 21 relocations in 2016

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