Locate Guernsey provided with company car by Le Mont Saint Garage

9th June 2016

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Author: Robbie Le Messurier, Business Executive - Locate Guernsey

Locate Guernsey provides a single point of contact within the States of Guernsey to coordinate and assist corporate and personal relocation enquiries. In order to assist it in this process, the Locate Guernsey team has been provided with a courtesy car by Le Mont Saint Garage.

Dave Beausire, Managing Director of Le Mont Saint (pictured below on the right with Richard Le Tocq, Head of Locate Guernsey) said he was happy to support the Locate Guernsey initiative which is bringing business into Guernsey. This is especially important to Mr Beausire, the founder of Le Mont Saint Garage which has operated for the last 29 years.

Locate Guernsey provided with company car by Le Mont Saint Garage

Mr Le Tocq said:

“Le Mont Saint Garage has been really helpful by providing a car that will be particularly useful for meeting visiting clients at the airport and harbour and also make our brand more recognisable. Locate Guernsey will reach its full potential working in partnership with local companies and this is a perfect example of this happening in practice.”

The Fiat 500, provided at no cost to the States of Guernsey, will be used by the Locate Guernsey team members when they are meeting industry partners on the island as well as those who are enquiring about relocation to Guernsey for reasons both personal and professional.

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