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Locate Guernsey Instagram Booklet

2nd November 2016

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Author: Andrew Carey, Relationship Manager - Locate Guernsey

Locate Guernsey has recently added a new brochure to its range of marketing materials. Andrew Carey, Locate Guernsey’s Relationship Manager, explains how and why an ‘Instagram booklet’ was an interesting idea that came into being…

Locate Guernsey has had an Instagram account since the early summer which very quickly became a great place for wonderful pictures of Guernsey to be posted. We’ve been thrilled by how much people have used Instagram to capture their favourite shots of the island, many of which can be found here on on our website.

It seems that pretty much everyone has a camera phone these days and taking a picture of the world around you, and then sharing that shot, is now very commonplace. And so easy to do in Guernsey where we have so many attractive views to snap.

Locate Guernsey Instagram Booklet

From there it was a short step to staging our competition, ‘Show Us Your Guernsey Summer‘, and after that we thought there were so many shots that had the #LocateGuernsey hashtag it was another albeit slightly bigger step to producing a booklet.

Show Us Your Guernsey Summer Instagram Booklet Locate Guernsey

There are lots of reasons why we like this document, which features about forty of the many hundreds of #LocateGuernsey shots posted on Instagram during the late summer.

Of course Guernsey looks splendid and the pictures show so many different aspects of life in the Islands (Herm and Sark are in there too), but it’s great that this is the Bailiwick through the eyes of the people who live here.

…it’s great that this is the Bailiwick through the eyes of the people who live here. Click here to download the booklet!

The affection they have for their islands comes across very clearly. Every featured photographer (who all gave their permission and often offered high resolution files if we wanted them) can claim a booklet of their own for keeping.

Next time you’re taking a picture of a beautiful Guernsey scene, feel free to tag it using #LocateGuernsey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’d love to see!

'Show Us Your Guernsey Summer' Competition

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