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Locate Guernsey: Business and Lifestyle Perfection

20th October 2016

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Author: Robbie Le Messurier, Business Executive - Locate Guernsey

We are very excited to present our new promotional film which we have made in partnership with Guernsey Finance and Luke Sheehan Films.

We wanted to showcase how simple and enjoyable doing business in Guernsey can be and how easy it can be to achieve a healthy work/life balance on the island. We could write about it at great length but we decided it would be far more effective to show you!

The video depicts two business people going about their days in Guernsey: One of them is Guernsey based, and enjoys a varied day of work complemented by keeping active, meeting friends and spending time with his family. The other flies into Guernsey to set up a business, meeting with the company registry, regulator and service providers all in a single day.

In true Locate Guernsey style we have worked in partnership with a number of companies. Special thanks must go to:


  • Naro Zimmerman – lead male
  • Vicky Stunnel – lead female
  • Jo Rathband
  • Ruby Coyde
  • Kristine Garlan-Hando
  • Mac Tachon
  • Pete Le Lacheur
  • Mark Ogier
  • Aaron Walden
  • Lucy Jenkins
  • Aindre Reece Sheerin
  • Rosemary Despres
  • Peter Beausire
  • Ali Hando

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