Living in Guernsey, finding a balance and a house that is right for you

4th January 2018

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Author: Antonia Thomas, Sales Negotiator - Swoffers

Antonia Thomas, Sales Negotiator at local estate agent Swoffers, tells us about moving to and living in Guernsey and how she found the all the ingredients for a happy life.

I once attended an all-day seminar in London on how to maximise your time. Oh, the irony!

I learnt about lots of lovely byte-guzzling apps to help me multitask my way through the day. I was introduced to a number of life hacks websites, and numerous other mind-boggling tricks, shortcuts, novelty methods that increase productivity and efficiency.

Alternatively, you could just move to Guernsey

Living in Guernsey, finding a balance and a property

Many of us have heard the adage, “How you spend your day, is how you spend your life.” Well, I’m certainly thrilled to no longer be waging the twice-daily war with my fellow commuters. I’m delighted to be home in time for the Archers (often the lunchtime episode too). Should the urge occur, I can get to the court, pitch, field (insert appropriate venue) for a 6pm start.

There is an ease associated with the quality of life here which is hard to describe. There’s a wonderful sense of community which fizzes out of every issue of the Press, the island’s daily paper.

There are delicious and ever-inventive restaurants. Not just relying on local produce – award-winning Chinese anyone? – they are littered throughout every Parish. Competitively graded schools are ensuring that the island’s next generation are as well educated. The schools prepare the City-boys and gals for working in Guernsey’s ever-changing financial, legal, trust and international business scene.

Even when I am stuck in a motionless traffic jam, I am at least presented with the most breath-taking views.

What positions Guernsey fairly uniquely amongst its Channel Island competitors and other offshore jurisdictions is the ease of property accessibility and affordability.

The island has just under 1,700 homes available for residents with UK or EU passports. These Open Market (OM) properties are available for the equivalent, and very often less, than their London parallels. In fact, the average price of an OM house is just over £1m and offers far more in terms of accommodation than its London and South-East correspondents. There is the additional option for those not wanting to make the full commitment of buying, to rent Open Market too, and this route is equally available.

So whether you’re looking to live here permanently or temporarily, there is a diverse range of Open Market property to suit your needs and wants. From contemporary Town apartments through to rural granite cottages. A stunning selection of regency properties that wouldn’t feel out of place off Hyde Park’s periphery for you to chose from (with the exception of the price tag). One must not forget that these properties not only make wonderful homes, but are the keys to Guernsey’s equally fabulous lifestyle.

Antonia Thomas (32) moved to Guernsey in 2014 following a successful London-based career in architectural PR. She is now a sales negotiator with Swoffers, Guernsey’s largest estate agent. Having escaped London to be closer to family, she is now married to Ed and lives in St. Peter Port where they enjoy everything that Town living has to offer. Much to her embarrassment she still hasn’t visited Victor Hugo’s house!

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