Islands of the Bailiwick – Hopping between Guernsey, Herm, Sark & Alderney

19th May 2016

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Author: Emma Boden-Heaume, Graduate Officer - Business, Innovation & Skills

Especially in the summertime, one of the best things about living in Guernsey is the ability to travel to and from the numerous islands which comprise the Bailiwick, each with their own distinctive features and personality.

One thing common to all the islands, however, is the distinctly French feel and the laidback atmosphere of living and working within walking distance of the sea.

From Guernsey’s harbour, take a trip to Herm in just 20 minutes by ferry or private yacht, and visit a piece of paradise.

Shell Beach, with its clear waters and stretch of brilliant white sand, is a sun trap to rival any Caribbean destination. Herm island’s scenic coastal paths can be walked entirely within a leisurely couple of hours.

Even bicycles won’t be found on this idyllic island and the only hotel, the White House Hotel ensures an ambience of total relaxation by famously having neither televisions nor clocks. If you’re relocating with children, Herm offers a fun-filled day out, with undulating sand dunes and rock pools teaming with life. Herm’s blissful environment is highly recommended, especially in the glorious summer months.

Islands of the Bailiwick - Guernsey, Herm, Sark & Alderney

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands and is ideal for those with an interest in history. The island’s coastline is dotted with observation towers, built by German forces in WW2 to guard the only labour camps established on British soil. Nowadays, many of these make coastal shelters for a wide range of wildlife, most notably the beloved Atlantic puffins. While the pace of life in Alderney is wonderfully sedate; if you’re travelling with children and looking for more of an action-packed stay, visit in the first week of August and experience all the entertainment that the Alderney Week festival has to offer.

If Alderney gives you a taste of history, the small island of Sark is truly a step back in time. There are no cars on Sark; transport on this island of 2 square miles is primarily by horse and carriage or by bicycle.

Islands of the Bailiwick - Guernsey, Herm, Sark & Alderney

For those seeking a little more adventure, Sark is a natural playground for coasteering, with regular guided tours of the stunning caves, cliffs and coves. The island’s local businesses and luxury hotels also produce a variety of artisan foods and liqueurs, perfect for those who enjoy a taste of something different.

Islands of the Bailiwick - Guernsey, Herm, Sark & Alderney

Designated the world’s first Dark Sky Island, Sark is the perfect place for an evening of star-gazing, and during the daytime offers such attractions as the RHS recommended La Seigneurie Gardens.

Islands of the Bailiwick - Guernsey, Herm, Sark & Alderney

Hopefully this will have given you a small taste of the unique islands which make up the Bailiwick of Guernsey. If you’re keen to find out more about the travel and activities available, more details are available via the Visit Guernsey island hopping guides. Whether you’re planning to come to Guernsey for a few days’ holiday or to make Guernsey your home, we hope to see you soon!

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