Increased number of relocation enquiries

12th June 2020

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Jo Stoddart, Director of Locate Guernsey has shared her insights on an increased number of relocation enquiries, plus buyers search habits with an emerging trend in people looking for homes in more rural and less densely populated areas as a result of COVID-19. Early indications are showing the marked effect on buyers choices and decision making process in their search to live in healthier locations.

Guernsey’s response to COVID-19, world-class leaders, incredible healthcare systems and nimble government have all contributed to making Guernsey a top destination for potential relocators.

The draw for business owners and entrepreneurs is also strong as Guernsey’s excellent digital connectivity and exceptional work/life balance makes it easy to manage a business, work from home and enjoy all the perks of a relaxing island lifestyle.

Read the full article here.

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