HSBC Expat Survey

2nd March 2020

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At Locate Guernsey we love feedback; we positively encourage it and I am pleased to say that it’s usually forthcoming! It’s really interesting to hear how people first became aware of Guernsey, where that spark of interest came from and how and why things developed from that point. All of that information helps us to shape our strategy as we work to externalise the appeal of Guernsey, in the right places, in the right way and the right time.

We are therefore really encouraged by the fact that HSBC is again giving local expats the chance to share opinions about island life in their global survey of best places to live and work. Every year the Annual League Table survey, the longest-running expat survey of its kind in the world, collects the opinions of thousands of people around the world who have relocated. It explores many aspects of life abroad from pay and career progression to lifestyle, health, security and education. The findings include a ranking of the best markets and territories to live and work in and are published widely in global media. I would be really grateful if you’d consider providing your feedback as someone who has relocated to Guernsey. The survey is open until 16 March and can be accessed here.

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