Locate Guernsey secures 14 relocations in its first six months

19th July 2016

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Author: Robbie Le Messurier, Business Executive - Locate Guernsey

Locate Guernsey, the States of Guernsey’s new initiative which encourages and facilitates relocation of business and individuals to Guernsey, has today published its first report which reveals that fourteen individuals and businesses have moved to the island in the first six months of this year. 

These relocations generate an estimated annual income for the States of nearly two hundred thousand pounds (£195,780) and a further benefit for the wider island economy through job creation and additional business activity.

Richard Le Tocq, Head of Locate Guernsey said:

“The first half of 2016 has seen an encouraging level of activity for Locate Guernsey with 80 relocation enquiries which have led so far to 14 actual relocations which were a mix of individuals and businesses. These relocations have benefitted, and will continue to benefit, Guernsey’s economy through income tax paid, property purchased, jobs created and many other benefits.”

He added:

“A great deal of work has been undertaken to raise the profile of Guernsey as a relocation destination and also to raise the profile of the services of Locate Guernsey. This has included advertisements and editorial in traditional media, significant work on our website and online presence as well as PR and hosted events, on and off island, to raise awareness.”

At the development stage Locate Guernsey was focused specifically on the relocation of high net-worth individuals, however, the team is also now focussing on the real opportunity to relocate businesses to the island.

The decision making process to relocate to a new place of residence, or to a new business base is a major one, and can take time, Locate Guernsey is therefore extremely pleased with the number of confirmed relocations in such a short period of time.

Every enquiry received by Locate Guernsey is different and as such is given a tailored service meeting. This ranges from a light touch response with useful information to a full hand holding service where meetings are coordinated with key contacts across government and industry as appropriate to welcome them to Guernsey.

Four key target markets have been identified by Locate Guernsey for 2016 including:

UK resident but not domiciled individuals

Fund managers

Reinsurance companies

Digital & FinTech businesses

Mr Le Tocq said:

“The key theme of the work of Locate Guernsey is partnership with industry. As well as ensuring better value for money, working with Guernsey’s experts in the commercial sector means that we can take advantage of the best marketing and promotional opportunities and also add value to their all-important client relationships. This way of working has been a major part of the first six months of work and will continue to underpin all future activity.”

Educating key intermediaries and advisors is very important for Locate Guernsey as this ensures that Guernsey is on the radar of trusted advisors which makes it more likely that high value clients, businesses or individuals, will consider it as an option for relocation. It is essential to convey the positives about moving to Guernsey such as the Open Market as well as the options for income tax caps.

Over the next six months Locate Guernsey will continue to focus on its target markets with a specific focus on the UK resident non-domicile market towards the final quarter of the year. A combination of articles, target social media work, third party event attendance and event hosting will form part of campaigns to best promote Guernsey to our target markets.

For more information please contact Wendy Pedder, Trade & Media Relations Manager on 234567 or wendy.pedder@gov.gg

Locate Guernsey secures 14 relocations in its first six months

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