Guernsey Funds Forum 2016 – Event Roundup

16th May 2016

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Author: Richard Le Tocq, Head of Locate Guernsey

We’ve just returned from a very successful Guernsey Funds Forum in London. A big congratulations must go to Guernsey Finance for organising yet another event which managed to be both interesting and enjoyable, all the while casting Guernsey in a very positive light. 

As silver sponsors for the event we had an exhibition stand and were there to add to the discussion around Guernsey as a centre of excellence for funds, but also to go further and encourage fund managers to base themselves, as well as their funds, in the island.

Guernsey Funds Forum

A particular highlight from the event was the keynote speaker – Luke Johnson, Chairman of Risk Capital Partners and accomplished businessman in a diverse range of sectors, speaking about innovation in investment. The panel session that followed this reflected similar themes and brought plenty of food for thought on areas such as access to credit in the current economic climate. Sessions were all masterfully moderated by Alastair Stewart OBE.

A really interesting development was the very positive announcement by Dominic Wheatley, Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance regarding the introduction of Guernsey’s ‘Manager Led Product’, which would allow greater flexibility for Alternative Investment Fund Managers while keeping regulation proportionate.

This focus on the relationship between Guernsey’s Funds sector and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission demonstrates a commitment working together for the good of industry. We certainly kept busy talking to some very interesting people who had queries about the benefits of opening an operation and relocating to Guernsey.

Locate Guernsey - Why Guernsey for Funds Managers

Also we talked at length to our stakeholders in the industry who wanted to understand the ‘one stop shop’ service Locate Guernsey can provide across government.

We know that referring clients to someone else is a serious thing and I am confident that Funds Forum demonstrated to people that Locate is a brand to be trusted and involving us at any stage of a relocation enquiry can add value while not detracting from anyone else’s client relationships.

A successful event to round off the week, Guernsey has a lot to look forward to regarding funds. If you have any queries at all about Locate Guernsey, relocation or working with us, I can be reached on +44 (0)7781 134567 or at

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