The beauty of Guernsey captured by photographer Chris George – Georgie’s Guernsey 2017

16th January 2018

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Author: Robbie Le Messurier, Operations Executive

Throughout 2017 Locate Guernsey sponsored well known local photographer Chris George and his series “Georgie’s Guernsey”. Every day of 2017 Georgie posted another stunning image of our beautiful island. To celebrate this partnership we have selected some of our favourites below.

This one is Georgie’s personal fave. A wonderful sunny May at L’Ancresse on the north of the island. A single figure in white walks along the shore. Perfectly timed, the walker is just in line with the slipway onto the beach.

The image which received the most attention on social media. This cheeky chap flew right up to Georgie as if he knew the photographer was looking for his pic of the day. Some cynical individuals suggested this was staged but this was certainly not the case!

2017 came with its fair share of stormy weather and with that came the waves. In this shot two walkers stroll along the beach while members of Guernsey’s surf community enjoy the water.

What could be more iconic than the Guernsey cow (or bull in this case)? This shot stands out because of the inquisitive expression on the face of its subject matter. It looks like Georgie interrupted his lunch.

Looking down on the south coast on a wonderfully sunny day with some blooming digitalis in the foreground. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on a day like this.

Another cliff walk shot. This one maybe the pick of the bunch. For those of us who grew up on Guernsey this brings up memories of Sunday strolls with family.

Looking north from St Peter Port towards Admiral Park. The evening lights reflect dazzlingly in the sea. A lovely combination of colours.

Certainly not the most beautiful images of Guernsey, possibly the strangest. A reminder of Guernsey’s occupation by the Germans during the Second World War whilst brave enthusiasts practice parasailing.

Taken on the final day of 2017 this lovely image shows a cold but bright December day. We have loved every image taken by Georgie in 2017 and can’t wait to work with him again in 2018.

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