Funds Forum Quiz 2018 – win a Guernsey hamper

16th May 2018

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If you are here it is likely because you have filled in the Locate Guernsey quiz at the Guernsey Funds Forum 2018. Well done, you have made the correct decision because you are in with a chance of winning a hamper full of lovely Guernsey products.

Without further ado the questions and answers are below:

Your business

1. When was the first investment fund incorporated in Guernsey?
A  1953
B  1963
C  1973

2. How many investment funds are incorporated in Guernsey?
A  517
B  737
C  805

3. What does MLP stand for?
A  Manager Led product
B  Medium Level Permission
C  My Little Pony

Your home

4. Which of these is a Guernsey number plate?
A  G40526
B  GY40526
C  40526

5. How many golf clubs are there in Guernsey?
A  4
B  3
C  2

6. Board (room) to (surf) board – How long does it take to drive from St Peter Port to the west coast beach at Vazon?
A  14 mins
B  28 mins
C  50 mins

Your life

7. What was the new tax cap introduced in 2018?
A  £50,000
B  £100,000
C  £150,000

8. What is the name of Guernsey’s Property Market that suits those moving to the Island?
A  The Local Market
B  The Open Market
C  The House Market

9. Which of these taxes are applicable in Guernsey?
A  Inheritance Tax
B  Capital gains Tax
C  Income Tax

Think you’ve done well? Make sure to stick around for the networking drinks at 5pm to see if you have won the Guernsey hamper.

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