Finding Non-Executive Directors in Guernsey

25th November 2016

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Author: Nick Graham, Managing Director - OSA Recruitment

Nick Graham, Managing Director – OSA Recruitment, outlines how easy it can be to find the right Non-Executive Director (NED) for your company in Guernsey.

When recruiting NEDs, Guernsey has an excellent stable of professional, experienced and competent people, with a diverse range of skills to draw upon.

With such a rich blend of financial services backgrounds, the lawyers, accountants and bankers are well covered. However, there are also many individuals who have been successful entrepreneurs away from the island, and have retired to Guernsey. They may have a different viewpoint to bring to the boardroom, potentially bucking the ‘grey hair brigade’ stereotype.

At OSA Recruitment, we have maintained an independent register of Non-Executive Directors for close to ten years, with Guernsey-based individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our service is one that sits comfortably alongside other successful methods of recruiting and appointing a NED.

Finding Non-Executive Directors in Guernsey

As is the case with regular recruitment, we interview the person seeking a NED role, understand the areas of strength he or she might bring to the table, retain a current CV or biography, and then upon a suitable enquiry discuss that opportunity with the candidate before making the introduction to our client.

Conversely, if a company or a fund requires a new NED or is experiencing natural succession planning, then once we understand the brief we will match the skills required and propose a shortlist to the client.

It is often the case in Guernsey where trust, and reputation is so important, that the client will have individuals that are known to them, or have been recommended through their own professional contacts. Our own shortlist can sit neatly alongside them, forming an open and transparent method of recruiting.

These are challenging times for all of us, and NEDs are challenged more than ever. We see that the experienced ‘wise heads’ can offer such a contribution with a worldly seen-it-before outlook, but as this demographic prepare to slow the pace down, there is plenty of young talent coming through to fill the gaps.

The Guernsey Institute of Directors branch has always been hugely supportive of developing NED skills through their Company Direction Programme, which boasts over 30 Chartered Directors. The programme offers regular seminars and presentations with the GTA University Centre, working closely with individuals and companies.

This is helping to generate excellent younger NEDs who can each offer an individual and beneficial perspective. All in all, Guernsey is blessed with a population of experienced and highly competent Directors all waiting to add value to your business or your board.

Finding Non-Executive Directors in Guernsey

To find out more about our service, please contact Nick Graham on 01481 712891 or by email at

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