Developing property in Guernsey: Building your dream home

5th January 2018

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Author: Annalisa Spencer, Associate - Lovell Ozanne

Annalisa Spencer, Associate at Lovell Ozanne, chartered architects and building surveyors, writes about the options open to those thinking about developing property in Guernsey.

For a small island Guernsey has lots to offer. Within the huge array of choice you will need to think about location.

Do you want to be close to the airport or town? Near the west coast beaches or picturesque cliffs in the south? Is sunrise or sunset more important to you? Do you want privacy and seclusion or a friendly neighbourhood environment? Are you looking for lock-up-and-leave pied-a-terre or a forever home?

Developing property in Guernsey
Marina View as developed by Lovell Ozanne

It could be that you want to adapt or alter an existing property, or even consider a new-build development.

Experienced local experts can guide you and give you advice as to what type of development is likely to be possible within Guernsey’s Island Development Plan (IDP) and legal context.

Guernsey’s IDP was introduced in 2016. It generally allows for greater flexibility for both private residential and business developments. One must, however, consider the implications of demarcated areas of significance. The Planning Service is also open to providing expedient, streamlined pre-application advice. This enables people and companies considering relocating to the island to make informed decisions on purchasing and developing properties.

It might also be necessary to ask for local advice regarding materials, build costs and supply chains as well as more technical engineering advice.

Developing property in Guernsey 1
Cobo Community centre as developed by Lovell Ozanne

Given the compact and easy-to-access nature of the island, it is easy to organise viewing a property with the right expertise at hand to talk it through.

On the island there are a diverse range of landscapes, types of property and varying architectural styles.  This can be advantageous to those considering a bespoke home or tailor-made company premises here. The island boasts a wide range of local professionals and expertise to assist you with a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

Lovell Ozanne is one of the most established architecture practices in Guernsey. As we approach our 60 year anniversary we have over 10,000 on-island projects behind us. We are delighted to be able to share our local experience with those looking to invest in property on our island. Additionally we will help introduce you to the other professionals, builders and  tradesmen you will need to undertake your project.

We can only touch upon the many concerns you may have here. We would love to welcome you to Guernsey and discuss your project in more depth.

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