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Day 7 testing for arrivals to be piloted

23rd June 2020

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In today’s media briefing the details of an alternative quarantine model were discussed for people arriving in Guernsey. The test will run between 5th-10th July with a limited number of passengers arriving on specified days and services being offered the opportunity to take a test on day 7. Although passengers will need to self-isolate for the first 7 days on the island, if their test is negative they will be released from the mandatory 14 day self-isolation requirement and will instead be under ‘Passive Surveillance’ from day 8 until day 14.

‘Passive Surveillance’ means they can go outside for walks, but they will be asked to report any symptoms (no matter how mild) so that they can be tested again and they must keep a record of where they go. They will also be asked to limit their contact with others as much as possible, for example not going to restaurants or crowded places like the supermarket.

After this trial period the results will be reviewed by Dr Brink’s team and will be used for any future decision which The Civil Contingencies Authority make on border control. And although there is no date in the diary yet for opening the borders this is a great step forward in the right direction for people hoping to visit the Island soon.

If you are interested in visiting Guernsey to view a potential new home, please get in touch with our team at  who can advise on your future travel arrangements.

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