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28th April 2022

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Looking for a change of scenery and wanting to say goodbye to your long daily commute? Cycling through Guernsey’s stunning landscapes without being tied to a bus or train schedule gives you a thrilling sense of freedom.

Whether you’ve just got yourself a new electric bike or you’re a seasoned cyclist having completed a century or two, Guernsey is the perfect location to discover on two wheels. With our enviable work-life-balance, it’s very easy to embrace an outdoorsy lifestyle and experience the joy of jumping on the saddle to uncover some of the most beautiful rides that our shores have to offer.

1. Ruettes Tranquilles

There is no better feeling than getting out in the fresh air, immersing yourself in nature and exploring at a Guernsey pace. Our landscape is packed full with a network of 15mph Ruettes Tranquilles which are sign-posted. Together they form a network across the parishes of Castel, Forest, St Andrew, St Martin, St Sampson, St Saviour and the Vale. The Ruettes Tranquilles are open to all traffic but give priority to walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The Ruettes Tranquilles network forms a living link with bygone Guernsey. Discover leafy valleys, abreuveurs (watering points for livestock), wildflowers and ancient earth banks. It’s all right here on our doorstep!

2. Island Terrain

As an island, we have varied terrain with varying challenges. The West and North coasts provide a flatter terrain, whilst the South of Guernsey provides more valleys to dip in and out of. By cycling you are helping our community to reduce traffic congestion, cut carbon emissions and pollution. Most of the time, cycling is often quicker compared to other forms of transport on island!

3. Health Benefits

Studies have shown that the benefits of spending time outdoors for just 30 minutes per day can reduce anxiety, stress and even quicken the health recovery process.  Cycling combines physical exercise with the release of adrenalin and endorphins – it raises your heart rate, gets the blood pumping round your body and is recommended by the medical professionals as a healthy way to cut your risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

4. Relaxed roads or thrill seekers – there’s something for everyone!

If you’re looking for inspiration to train for your next challenge, why not take a look at the Visit Guernsey website. They have put together 11 scenic road routes to choose from with varying difficulty – Cycling Routes In Guernsey | Visit Guernsey.

But if you fancy something more adventurous and off-road, the Guernsey Mountain Bike Association has been working with Ronez at Les Vardes Quarry to build a new trail that will run parallel with the existing nature walk. The work is expected to be finished in time for the May Day Bank Holiday weekend later this year!

5. 30 Rides in 30 Days

Commuting to and from work using your own leg power is invaluable training if you’re preparing for a race or event! This Saturday sees the return of 30 Rides in 30 Days Challenge raising money for Les Bourgs Hospice. Participants are required to ride for at least 1 hour a day everyday between 30th April and 29th May and as the challenge is in its 15th year, they are hoping to reach £1 million in fundraising for our local hospice.

It’s a brilliant way to get involved in the cycling community and make new friends on island.

Taking care of both your physical and mental health and wellbeing has become more important than ever. During the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of islanders have taken up cycling along with other outdoor activities, making the most of Guernsey’s stunning scenery and nature and recognising the benefits exercise can offer both body and mind.

When you choose to cycle, you are helping to cut our island’s carbon emissions, reduce congestion and pollution. It makes our island environment a nicer place to live and you can enjoy our beautiful landscapes!

If you are interested in relocating to Guernsey for the quality of life enjoyed by islanders, our community feel and beautiful scenery please get in touch to find out more.

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