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Guernsey’s ‘Business Tunnel’ can assist those wanting to make the move

7th October 2020

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If you are considering relocating to Guernsey either for business or for a better quality of life, meeting with advisors to discuss making the move or viewing properties without having to self-isolate can be done with the island’s “Business Tunnel” system via a day trip.

Although self-isolation restrictions are currently in place for the majority of those who travel to the island, business travellers who have urgent business in Guernsey which must be done face to face are able to apply for permission to visit the island for a day visit. This opportunity has been extended to prospective new residents needing to carry out viewings and meetings while following strict Public Health guidance which is imperative.

Permission has to be requested at least seven days in advance of the trip and full details of the plan for the day must be provided. Social distancing of one metre must be maintained at all times and contacts recorded for tracing purposes. Passengers must wear facemasks as they pass through the airport and in arranged transport to their meeting location. Meetings must be held in well ventilated locations and not in public places such as restaurants or bars. It is for those applying for business tunnel travel to organise an appropriate venue for their meeting.

In order to make the day as pleasant as possible, we would suggest that you arrange for a meeting room as your base, either at the airport or at the private jet terminal depending on how you are travelling (details are available via the links below). It would also be worth making arrangements either through the agents you are meeting or through the providers of your meeting room ‘base’ for food and drinks to be provided for you in this meeting room as well as the use of bathroom facilities.

In terms of transport, you could either hire a car or arrange for a car and driver to take you to the various appointments. If you choose to hire a car, you will be required to convoy with your agent, at all times, to and from pre-arranged locations.

We would suggest that the agents meet you at the hire car desk in the airport so that you (or your car and driver) can follow them to the different viewings. The agents can then guide you back to your pre-arranged ‘base’ where you can have refreshments before going to another location with the same agent, or potentially going through a similar procedure with a different agent.

This would provide a safe way for you to enjoy refreshments and comfort breaks given that, as a non-isolating visitor, you would not be allowed to enter a shop, café or restaurant to buy food or to use the bathroom. Similarly, visitors would not be permitted to use the bathroom in any of the properties being viewed.

Further details about the conditions which apply to those travelling in to Guernsey and the notification process can be found here:

Please do not hesitate to contact Locate Guernsey and we would be happy to advise and provide suggestions to make the day as fruitful, safe and comfortable as possible.

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