Benefits of island life appreciated by new arrivals

7th February 2022

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Author: Locate Guernsey

Locate Guernsey, the States of Guernsey agency responsible for advising and supporting personal and business relocations, has reported an exceptional year of relocations to Guernsey, as more and more individuals see the benefits of Island life for themselves and their families.

Jo Stoddart, Director of Locate Guernsey said, “Guernsey has many compelling reasons which attract businesses and individuals to our shores.  Amongst other things, we are a safe, stable, independent jurisdiction with an enviable work-life-balance.  The COVID pandemic has caused many people to re-examine what is most important to them and as a result of this reflection, to re-arrange their priorities.  Many have chosen to relocate with their families and their businesses to enjoy a better quality of life in a beautiful environment.  The continued increase in relocations each year is a true testament to all that Guernsey has to offer and it’s fantastic to see continued interest in our beautiful island from around the world. The team continues to promote Guernsey internationally and we anticipate 2022 will be another busy year.”

Figures for 2021 show that the agency assisted with 45 relocations across the year, an increase of 17 on the 28 measured in 2020, demonstrating the continued popularity of Guernsey as a destination for relocation. Of these relocations, 31 involved individuals (couples or families) whilst 14 involved the relocation of a business as well as the principal and their family.

Locate Guernsey has also measured increased demand for relocation information and advice in 2021. The team received 356 enquiries across the year, an increase of 64% when compared to 2020.  While the majority of enquiries are UK based, a life in Guernsey continues to attract global interest from Asia, South Africa, North America and across Europe.

Locate Guernsey comes under the mandate of the Committee for Economic Development, whose President, Deputy Neil Inder, said,

“It is very encouraging to see another successful year for Locate Guernsey as more and more families and business owners see the appeal of the Island. The wealth of experience and talent which these economically active relocators contribute to our business community should not be underestimated.  They bring new ideas, knowledge and expertise which is of benefit to the island whilst creating new jobs and investing in the island’s community and infrastructure.”  


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