5 Ways Guernsey took on COVID-19

17th February 2022

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Today, the Bailiwick of Guernsey is the first place in the British Isles to end all COVID-19 restrictions which were first implemented in early 2020.

This means there is no longer any mandatory self-isolation for those who test positive and all border restrictions will fall away, with travellers arriving no longer requiring any testing or Travel Tracker account.

Although the need for vigilance has not disappeared, the island community are being urged to act responsibly and encourage those around them to do the same by testing if they feel unwell and report any positive result to Public Health.

Over the past 2 years, there is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on every single one of us, in more ways than one, but the Locate Guernsey team have considered the following five factors that we think have helped Guernsey through the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Community

Many nations have rediscovered their communities throughout this crisis and Guernsey has been no different. The message of #GuernseyTogether has become a motto which has been lived each day by islanders, supporting each other and following government guidelines. Whether we were spreading motivational messages online, showing appreciation for critical workers on our doorsteps, supporting more vulnerable islanders or just quite simply keeping our distance, it felt like we were closer than ever – despite having to stay apart.

2. Communication

The weekly briefings held during the crisis quickly became a focal point for news and updates of the latest developments. Each was delivered with transparency and honesty from Guernsey’s experts and leaders. Due to it being a fast paced and ever-changing situation, stumbling blocks were expected, but these were openly discussed and quickly resolved. Testing statistics and plentiful advice for companies and individuals were all made available online and supported by telephone hotlines that quickly opened for further help.

3. Leadership

One of Guernsey’s strengths rests in its political stability. There has been outstanding leadership from our politicians and public health specialists. This close team has expertly guided the island through this crisis with commitment, focus and empathy. We were consistently reminded that ‘we’ve got this’ and we had every confidence that we did.

4. Flexibility

The ability to respond quickly and adapt to uncertain circumstances is a hallmark of Guernsey – one which has been demonstrated throughout its history. COVID-19 has continued this tradition as Guernsey has had to adjust to a new reality and has been quick to do so, taking on new ways of working and strengthening its resilience. Many local businesses adapted the way they delivered their goods and services, home working was rolled out for most individuals and FaceTime became a staple.

5. Vision

Despite early success with the ‘test, trace and isolate’ system and intricate preparations for an outbreak, the government’s team has not become complacent and is setting and adjusting strategies for future scenarios while actively investing in equipment. Guernsey’s government is also looking at life beyond the crisis. With its Government Work Plan, it has set out its ambitions and vision for economic recovery, improving health and wellbeing, and addressing environmental issues over the next three years.

As the first place in the British Isles that was declared ‘COVID-19 free’ and the first in the British Isles to announce removal all of COVID-19 restrictions, it is no surprise that Guernsey is drawing a lot of attention, for all of the right reasons. If a move to island life is the next step for your family or your business, then get in touch with Locate Guernsey today.


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