5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

12th January 2021

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We’ve put together five New Year’s Resolution ideas to inspire you in (and out) of working life as 2021 brings new challenges and opportunities.

2020 was a year that many were glad to say goodbye to, and we’d like to start this new chapter by sharing some positivity and motivation.

Learn something new

There are lots of different skills that can be gained remotely. From learning a new language using an app or virtual tutor through to mini courses and more in-depth qualifications from education providers such as The Open University, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your lifestyle.

Popular language learning apps include Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise. The Open University also provide a platform called OpenLearn with free courses covering money and business, society, politics and law and science, maths and technology, to name but a few. Alison.com is another provider of certificate and diploma courses for those who wish to gain critical knowledge or broaden their knowledge on specific subjects. Other options include the TypingClub for those wanting to improve their typing skills and the ‘ECDL’ qualification which is a widely recognised IT course looking at security and various software.

Meet new people

Join online communities and take advantage of having the world at your fingertips. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account then consider setting one up to connect with fellow industry professionals and even potential clients. The Entrepreneur Handbook has created a list of business networks that exist across the UK for business leaders to network. Meetup is a popular platform used to organise online groups to host events for people with mutual interests. You can choose from a wide range of online events that will allow you to link up with other attendees. If you’re interested in joining Guernsey’s largest business community and planning on making the move, then click here for the latest news, events and networking opportunities.

Embrace new technology

Business environments around us have rapidly adapted and changed as a result of COVID-19. The need to work remotely and rely on technology in order to continue working effectively has never been more prominent. We know that switching off and taking a break from screens to avoid a ‘technology overload’ is important, but it’s also useful to know that a number of apps exist to keep us organised and to boost productivity.

Top picks include Toggl for time tracking and project planning, Trello for more collaborative working, Asana to coordinate tasks and hit deadlines and Otter which can also be integrated with Zoom video conferencing for those who need to record and transcribe conversations. Give it a try, and find a new favourite.

Promote virtual team building

Not all of us are able to work in a traditional office setting where we can speak with our colleagues on a regular basis, so keeping in touch and boosting morale is a key factor in keeping teams together, even from afar. Try scheduling a weekly ‘coffee break’ where everyone makes a hot drink and joins a video call to have an informal chat about how their week is going. Or, plan in an ‘after work’ Friday call to mark the end of the working week with a virtual quiz. You could also organise a virtual escape room experience designed to bring some something fun and different to remote team building. Other ideas include sharing a daily fact, joke or funny photo, or even a ‘word of the day’ in a foreign language to promote your collective knowledge.

Look after yourself

A healthy work-life balance is something that we all strive for as we seek to succeed both professionally and personally. Looking after our mental and physical wellbeing is something that many of us promise to ourselves at the start of every New Year, but we can quickly find ourselves abandoning exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness as workloads increase.

The best way to keep a New Year’s Resolution is to choose activities and timings that are realistic for the long-term. One idea is to do something different for yourself every day so you can work around your schedule, especially if you find yourself delving into last minute jobs and demanding projects. Go for a walk or, if you don’t have the time on that particular day (and if the rain is pouring) then opt for a healthy snack and reach for a glass of water. The smallest things can make the biggest difference as long as you take care of yourself on a regular basis.

The NHS have put together 5 steps to mental wellbeing which you may like to incorporate into the year ahead. Read more here.

Guernsey itself is well-known for its ability to offer an enviable work-life balance with shorter commutes, beautiful outdoor scenery, plenty of sport and leisure opportunities and a relaxed pace. You can read about the many perks of island living here.

To find out about the benefits of living and doing business in Guernsey, join our Spring Forum 2021 on 4th February with Lord Digby Jones and local finance/property specialists. Sign up for free here.

What is the current impact of coronavirus on Guernsey?

The island is currently in a fortunate position as it is one of the few places in the world that is able to see everyday life return to normal for local residents. Although Guernsey is not completely COVID-19 free, any cases are being detected through a strict isolation and testing process for inbound travellers to protect the community. Aside from a handful of controlled cases, Guernsey has been completely coronavirus free on many occasions over the past few months and the number of cases has been low and swiftly managed. This adds to the island’s appeal as being a safe place to work and live life to the fullest.

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